Mold Remediation

Any property can become affected by mold if a water source, such as leaky roof or water heater, is introduced. The mold spreads quickly, and as it creates allergens and irritants, it may produce serious health hazards for the occupants of the home or business. The infestation needs immediate attention to prevent it from multiplying and migrating to other parts of the house.

Mold thrives on moisture and is extremely difficult to contain. Before the mold remediation can be administered, all water and moisture sources must be addressed. Mold often produces strong, musky odor, and in some cases, dark patches on the walls in its advanced stages. If the presence of mold is suspected, property owners are encouraged to contact our skillful technicians who can perform at-home assessment of the existing problem and create a remediation plan suitable for permanent mold containment. Surface sampling is performed if the mold is not visually present but suspicion exist due to unexplained odor and pungent scent in the air.

In addition to health hazards, mold can cause cosmetic damage as well as everlasting staining. Professional mold technicians will use proper solutions and specialized equipment to save, restore and protect the structures and objects of value from future infestations. The process begins by removing sources of dampness and complete drying of the area in question. Hard surfaces are scrubbed with solvents. Porous materials, such as carpets, are discarded to eliminate any possibility of mold re-growth.

Homeowners are advised to avoid the affected area to eliminate the possibility of exposure to mold spores. It is also recommended not to calk or paint any affected spaces as it will not prevent the mold from expanding. Rooms that are continually exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms, are more likely to be affected by mold. Increasing ventilation, using ceiling fans and opening doors and windows will keep the air well circulated and will hinder the progression of mold.

A few tips should be implemented by property owners to avoid the appearance of mold:

  • Clean gutters regularly
  • Clean up all spills and repair leaks immediately
  • Make sure the water does not collect around the foundation
  • Measure the humidity in your home regularly with a moisture meter
  • Keep all rooms well ventilated
  • Eliminate condensation collecting on windows
  • Use dehumidifiers when needed

We offer emergency services and regular maintenance for home and business owners. Our professional approach includes educating the public about possible consequences of mold presence, and we offer helpful measures to contain and prevent any future problems.

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