Billion dollars of property damage had been recorded in the United States in the past years due to fire. No one can be fully prepared for the devastation caused by fires, but we can minimize the losses and further damage to the property. When restoring commercial and residential properties affected by fires, a fast response is needed. Fire damage restoration should begin shortly after the first responders have taken care of the fire. This is to prevent further damage due to the smoke and weakened structures. You will need an expert in fire damage restoration and clean up, one that can respond quickly, especially during emergencies. Once you find a trusted and reliable fire restoration service professional, they will take care of the job for you. The process will start by securing the building and assessing how much fire and smoke damage the property has. A comprehensive and complete assessment will be made, recorded, and documented for insurance purposes. 

Airing out all the untouched furniture is very important to prevent the smoke from lingering and embedding itself into the fibers. The staining you see on the surface goes beyond just that, which is why it requires a deep scrubbing, sanding, and refinishing. The soot and smoke are a hard task to take on yourself, so it is best to leave it to the professionals. The repair and restoration are a bit tricky, and careful handling is needed, especially when dealing with priceless pieces and family heirlooms.  The bubbling and blistering or the paint on walls and ceilings should be scraped and repainted as well. Securing the foundation is one of the first priorities when doing fire damage restoration. This is where plugging of any holes and weakened structures happens as well as the repairs and replacement of singed surfaces. It is also essential to detect potential leaks as the property could be at risk for water and moisture damage during heavy rains. This will require another problem and a water damage clean-up and repair process. However, this could be prevented if you opt for a proficient fire restoration contractor that is not only good at fire restoration but also good at preventing water damage before it happens. 

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