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Fire Damage

 Every day, a fire department in America responds to a fire from commercial to residential property. Fire spreads out really fast, covering many surfaces that could result in a massive amount of damage and property loss. Lives could also be lost due to fire; thus, it is imperative to prioritize the safety of the people inside the property among anything else. Fires could destroy entire buildings while some can rage confined in a single room. You might think small flames and smoke can do minimal damage, then you should think otherwise. If a fire affects only a part of the building, it could still set off a chain reaction to the whole building, such as utility interruption, sprinkler flooding, smoke and soot damage, and chemical messes. 

Fire can cause severe and significant damage to any property. Anything a fire touch is likely to be burned and destroyed, leaving them neglected like walls, cabinets, countertops, and many more. Fire damage also leaves a bad odor that stains and sully various surfaces, including carpets and walls. Some might think that water damage is unlikely to happen during a fire, but the truth is they occur together. The fire can damage the pipe and tanks resulting in water leaking out. Electrical wirings, appliances, and plumbing can also be affected by the fire damage. Once the fire is out, the first 48 hours are known as the golden hours of recovery that require an effective emergency response. This is to stabilize the facility, ensuring the recovery of as much property as possible. The acidic soot and smoke damage accelerate the corrosion and deterioration of the building, which is why an immediate fire damage restoration process should be started immediately. 

Restoration SWFL can respond quickly to fire damage and provide high-quality results. Depending on the property and the severity of the fire, the process of restoration differs. Different damages need to be dealt with in various manners. For example,  water damage should be addressed by finding the source of moisture, removing large pools of water, and dry out anything that is affected. The smell and dirt left by the fire also needs to be cleaned and sanitized with several cleaning appliances and industrial equipment. This is to ensure that any health issues that could be caused by the bad odor that lingers in the air. 

The restoration process will start with assessing the property and the damage then taking action to stop any further damage. Decontamination of the property from soot, dust, and smoke will follow then the restoration of the property to its pre-fire state. Dealing with fire damage alone is not advisable; it is best to leave the job to professional restoration companies like Restoration SWFL. You can rest assured that we are competent and do our job pretty well. With a decade of experience in restoring different property damages, we have made a name that many can trust. So if you have any fire-damaged property that needs restoration, you can contact us today for a free estimate.

What can we help you with

fire damage Cleanup and Restoration

Billion dollars of property damage had been recorded in the United States in the past years due to fire. No one can be fully prepared for the devastation caused by fires, but we can minimize the losses and further damage to the property.

Smoke damage cleanup

Fire produces two types of smoke damage; soot harm and unseen odor. This is as dangerous as weakened structures of the property when left not identified and untreated. Smoke damage clean-up alongside fire damage clean-up is done side by side after the first responders are done dealing with the fire.

We do fire prevention check-ups

Prevention is the best way to fight any unforeseen fire. Safety precautions should be followed regardless of the location where you live. Creating a safer and more secure living environment for you and your family can significantly minimize the chances of your property catching fire.

What Else can we help you with?


Water damage

  • Flood Damage Cleanup
  • Pipe burst localization and repair
  • Water Damage Prevention

Mold remediation

  • Indoor Mold Cleanup
  • Outdoor Mold Cleanup
  • Mold Prevention Checks
storm damage restoration swfl

Storm damage

  • Hurricane Damage Cleanup
  • Roof Install and Repair
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