Prevention is the best way to fight any unforeseen fire. Safety precautions should be followed regardless of the location where you live. Creating a safer and more secure living environment for you and your family can significantly minimize the chances of your property catching fire. Start by installing smoke alarms in every level of your home and inside bedrooms and sleeping areas. Make sure to do monthly maintenance to check if they are in good working condition. Since fire is a risk in every commercial and residential building, it is essential to be prepared. In case of fire, it is vital to have an escape plan ready. The basis of an escape plans includes two ways out of every room and a designated location where everyone will meet outside. Make sure that the door located in the path of travel can be opened without a key and is visible under all lighting conditions. As mentioned before, it is crucial to have a working smoke alarm to provide early detection giving everyone enough time to execute the escape plan. Disabled and elderly residents will need evacuation assistance, so it is essential to take note of that. Once outside, conduct a roll call to ensure that everyone has escaped the building and keep everyone stays together. Talk the entire plan with all family members and practice it at least twice a year. 

You can also find experts and professionals to check the property for a home fire safety visit. These fire prevention check-ups will provide another barrier of protection. They can also come up with a home evacuation plan and install the smoke alarms for you. An assessment will be done, including the storage of flammable materials, extension cord use, safety practices in the kitchen, location of the space heaters, smoking habits, and fireplace or furnace cleaning. For an easy inspection, they will have a checklist for a safety audit, followed by advice to keep everything in place for fire prevention.

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