Water damaged areas often lead to mold problems that are not addressed sooner. Mildew and mold build up on damp areas over time. They can be seen almost everywhere, but when the amount of mold in your homes exceeds the normal levels, it could affect not only the structure of your house but also your health. Molds are often found in bathrooms, window frames, plumbing, basements, caulking, wet walls, carpeting, water-damaged mattresses, and many more. They are unsightly and spread fast. What’s worse is, once the mold spores become airborne, it could cause a dangerous environment, especially for immunocompromised individuals. Homeowners can do some essential mold solutions for small areas; otherwise, the job should be left for the experts and professionals. They use industrial-grade water extractors, air mover, dehumidifies, and other equipment to remove excess water effectively. This is one of the first steps in containing the rapid spread of the molds. Disinfectants and antimicrobials are also used to prevent the further growth of the mold. Air purification, sanitation, and deodorization are done to contain the mold spores that have become airborne. After the process, it is best to learn some practices to control mold growth in your homes. This includes managing the humidity levels and thoroughly drying after water flooding. It is also important to ventilate the shower, laundry, and cooking areas and seal leaky windows, pipes, and roofs. These are all simple things that homeowners can regularly do to maintain the average level of mold in the property. Always remember that molds multiply fast on porous surfaces with damp and stagnant air, so it is best to remove these and keep the temperature above 60 degrees. You can also see mold growth in refrigerators as it is also capable of growing in cold temperature. Once you notice a large area with mold, it is time to contact a trusted and reliable mold removal company that can provide urgent clean-up. You don’t want to wait a week before doing so since these molds grow over 48 to 72 hours. The sooner it is addressed, the lesser areas it can damage.

Restoration SWFL is one of the most trusted disaster restoration companies in the United States. With almost a decade of experience in restoring commercial and residential properties, we have made our name known for our outstanding customer service and high-quality restoration results. We have teams of professionals skilled in addressing water-damaged homes from restoring the property to how it was before the disaster to make sure that there would be no significant mold situation later on. Time is critical when dealing with restoration; thus, we always make it our top priority to respond quickly, especially for emergencies. Bacteria grow and mold darts to form after only 48 hours of water damage, so the sooner the problem is addressed, the less damage will be inflicted on the property and objects. Failure to identify water damage and other mold-related issues could be a bigger problem when the mold spores are released into the air. So if you want a fast indoor mold clean-up, contact us today and get your free estimate.