A burst pipe is an emergency that needs to be addressed as soon as possible; otherwise, it could lead to higher water bills, property damage, and mold growth. There are several causes of burst pipes such as freezing temperatures that cause water to freeze and expand inside the tube, and with the increased pressure, the pipe bursts. Old pipes that had experienced wear and tear over time can also develop leaks and rupture. One cannot fully be prepared and prevent pipes from bursting, but there are ways you can adapt to lower it from happening. During the freezing weather, insulate outdoor pipes by wrapping it and allowing the faucet to drip until the temperature reaches above the freezing mark. For older homes, getting some experts or professionals to look into your plumbing is necessary. They can inspect the property, alert you of any problems, and give you a detailed explanation of your pipes’ condition. Deteriorating pipes need to be repiped to prevent major leaks from happening. It is also advised to avoid planting trees near any sewer or water lines to keep the roots from growing into the pipes. These are just preventive measures, and it cannot keep burst pipes from happenings. During a burst pipe emergency, the first thing you should do is immediately shut off the main water supply and call for a contractor to help you. Opt for one that can provide urgent and fast service, especially for emergencies like these. To avoid having to call any random company, it would be good to have one beforehand. This way, you can do a bit of research and ask around for a trusted and reliable contractor. Choose one with years of experience in the industry as they are sure to address any problem. Some disaster restoration companies also offer pipe burst localization and repair services so you can also contact them for these kinds of situations. If you still haven’t found a company and are reading this, you’re in the right place. We know just the right company for your restoration needs.

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