Flood prevention is necessary in places that are prone to storms and hurricanes. Preventive maintenance is essential in minimizing the damage to commercial and residential properties due to floods. There are other different sources of building water damage, including poor roof and gutter system maintenance, groundwater flooding, and water intrusion through building envelopes. With proper maintenance, water damage could be prevented, and you can avoid it from weakening your home’s foundation. Experts advise to have a checklist of preventive tips to avoid costly repairs in the future. To ensure a proper drainage system, clean your gutters regularly, slope your yard away from the foundation, and direct downspouts five to ten inches away from the property. Check your sump pump once a year is also necessary, test it more frequently during the rainy season. Keep an eye on water leaks and spots that indicate it, repair noticeable dripping pipes and cracked caulking, and inspect the roof for any loose, missing, or damaged shingles. It is quite a long list, and if you have very little time on your hands to deal with them, you can ask a contractor to take care of them for you. They can help identify and resolve any problems in your property. This is to minimize the risk of any water or flood damage to your house, and this could also be a cheaper option that deals with costly repairs later on. There are different types of inspection most companies offer and depending on your choice; it could take several hours to conduct. You can opt for a backwater valve assistance for your sewage and drainage, an exterior home flood protection for your backyard and areas surrounding the property, and a full flood protection home check-up for a complete assessment of the commercial or residential property. For a high-quality service, make sure to choose a licensed and capable contractor.

Restoration SWFL is capable of addressing any water-damaged property, both commercial and residential. We have teams of experts that are well-versed in the restoration process and are equipped with advanced equipment to do the job. Our commitment is to provide 100% satisfactory results with high-quality customer service and professional skills. Being in this industry providing restoration services for almost a decade made us one of the most reliable and trusted companies. One of the essential characteristics of a good water damage restoration company is responding quickly when a disaster strikes. This is important because time is crucial since the longer the damage sits on the property, the worst it will become. All our agents and teams are licensed, insured, and well-trained making them qualified for delivering a good restoration job. We always assure our clients and keep them updated on how we do the restoration process. A detailed damage repair plan is presented with each step being explained in detail to the homeowner. We value our clients’ priorities, so we make sure to make them our priority, too, as we venture into restoring their property. Time is very crucial, so we always make sure to act fast and do the restoration of the property as soon as possible. Get a free estimate when you contact us today. Let us handle your restoration project.